I Aten’t Dead

September 25, 2008 at 11:11 pm (Life)

Just busy. Lots of stuff has happened . . .

  • I moved back to the proper side of the river, with a proper local football team 🙂
  • I started the world’s most boring temp job (I don’t have access to a computer! suggestions for alternative entertainment are welcome; so far I’ve managed to read newspapers and I’m busy teaching myself Spanish again).
  • I had a birthday! No yarn was purchased, but patterns for Hanami and Millicent (both of which I already have yarn for).
  • Much knitting, mostly of socks and gloves (photos to follow).
  • I was on the radio! I very briefly got to tell Richard Bacon that I was knitting mittens (actually they are fingerless gloves) at 1 a.m. on Five Live. I’m becoming quite a media slut 😉
  • I waited at a traffic light on Knightsbridge next to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame. (I am way too British to ask for an autograph though!)
  • and most importantly . . . I have flight tickets! Woooo! Off to San Francisco on 3rd November, back from New York on 26th March, with plenty of “wintering in the Caribbean” (as I like to call it) in between.

I will try to be better at blogging . . .


1 Comment

  1. Paul said,

    Which night were you on the radio? They keep episodes online for one week, and I might just listen to it. I’m guessing it wasn’t a phone in about knitting?

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