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August 16, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Ravelympics) (, )

So, the Mojo sock is about three quarters done. But since I still can’t find the first one I made I’ve had to put it down for now . . . and to be perfectly honest, I got a bit bored of socks. Shock, horror! But really – 2.5 mm dpns, all day, every day – it gets samey. So I picked up my Capitan hat instead – I thought I’d lost that as well, but found it while I was looking for the sock. Here we go:

It’s still missing the strip that goes across the front – it’s knitted but not attached because I don’t have any matching buttons at the moment. I wish I’d entered it for WIP Wrestling as well though!

Pattern: Capitan Hat by Rosi Garmendia
Yarn: 55g Rowan RYC Soft Tweed in colour SH 008 (Blanket)
Needles: 7 mm KnitPicks Options

I’m ignoring the Mojo sock for now and have just cast on for the RPM sock instead – at least that’s something I can get done!

Incidentally, I have 15g of the Soft Tweed left – any suggestions? Cabled wristwarmers, maybe?


  1. DJGrenola said,

    Very fetching.

  2. Ed said,

    knuckle warmers and protectors, maybe… like making fingertipless gloves, but without the gloves.

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